By Lori Perkins

I have been dreading this day, not because I lost anyone personally but because of the frenzied bizarre display of public patriotism and mourning that people who were not there will heap upon those of us who were.

I was not downtown when the towers were hit. I was working from home after dropping my son off at the local public school. My client, the rock star Greg Kihn, called because he had a radio show and I was the only New Yorker he knew he could get on the phone. He asked me what I thought…

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken from Amy Klobuchar’s Medium Piece

I woke up this morning to a statement on Medium by Senator Amy Klobuchar informing us that she had been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer on her right side during the pandemic, had a lumpectomy and undergone radiation treatment and was now cancer free. It was like I was reading my own writing, except I’m not a US Senator, and I had Stage 3 cancer with lymph node removal, as well as a full round of chemo, but I, too, am cancer-free now.

Like Sen. Klobuchar, I, too, put off getting my annual mammogram when we…

By David T. Valentin

Heads up, Marvel, DC Comics looks like it’s shaking up the comic book industry by having a younger, fresher face taking up the title of Superman.

According to former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, a controversial figure in the comic industry due to his connection to Comicsgate (a campaign known to fight against diversity and progressivism in the superhero comic book industry), “I Just found out, I got a little bit of a scoop about what DC’s plans are. Nobody knows, yet. It hasn’t really been announced, except by me. …

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken from Kathy Hochul’s Twitter

Kathy Hochul, a 62 year-old politician from Buffalo, was sworn in on Tuesday as Governor of New York Sate after Andrew Cuomo, the once king of COVID briefings and three-time elected governor, resigned under the cloud of multiple sexual harassment accusations from staff members and others.

Hochul also named her Lieutenant Governor, State Senator Brian Benjamin from Harlem, as well as two female aides: Karen Persichilli Keogh as Secretary to the Governor and Elizabeth Fine as Hochul’s chief legal counselor, in a sign that the culture of the state’s government has already changed.

For the first time…

By Lori Perkins

Let me just preface this essay by sharing my shock that I have actually kind of fallen in love with the TV show Ted Lasso. If you had told pre-COVID me that I would be riveted by a show about an American college football coach leading a team of British soccer players, I would have told you you were crazy. But when the show started getting all the Emmy nominations, I tried it, and have been glued ever since.

It is a brilliant examination of toxic masculinity that somehow manages to give us confident male characters that…

By Lori Perkins

As most of you are aware, Romance Writers of America (RWA) has recently been through some hard years, even before the pandemic, which caused almost all writers’ conferences to be cancelled and go online last year. There was a years-long battle between “the way things have always been done” contingent, which often was used as cover for racist and noninclusive behavior, and a growing movement to redirect the organization, its membership and awards to a broader, more “woke” place in American letters.

Last year, the entire governing board was replaced by what was hoped would be a…

By Lori Perkins

Newlyweds Sabrina and Brian Cartan were outdoors in Brooklyn posing on a carousel for their wedding photos, when the bride thought she saw the actor Jeff Goldblum. She called out his name and he not only responded, but when informed that the woman in the wedding dress was the one calling out to him, came over, posed for photos and then serenaded the couple with ”Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof, which just happens to be one of the bride’s favorite songs.

Though he did not accompany the couple back to their wedding venue, he remained with them in spirit throughout the celebratory party, and even the next day when the bride and groom watched Jurassic Park in his honor.

Donald Trump Killed the Confederacy

By Lori Perkins

Remember that catchy ’79 song, “Video Killed the Radio Star?” in which the act of promoting a product becomes the very thing that killed it? That’s what happened to the Confederacy thanks to the words and actions of the former Commander-in-Chief, although he never could have imagined that his comments would have such a deadly ricochet.

All the myriad lovers of “Southern tradition” and Confederate history saw a national reflection of themselves spewing the excuses and euphemisms that had been taught for centuries. …

By Rachel Zimny

Victoria’s Secret, a brand known for their highly publicized Angel fashion shows and teeny tiny lingerie, has finally entered this decade by presenting a more diverse selection of models. Diverse, of course, is a stretch considering the biggest model they’ve brought on is only a size 14, which is still below the average size in the US as of 2021. They have hired at least two dark skinned, black models though, which is a definite marked improvement from the white, pale waifs of the 2000s. They have also made a point to have a wide age range…

By Lori Perkins

Image taken from @IreneMyersPR

While we were in lockdown, everyone started out with ambitious home goals like trying to Marie Kondo their closets and/or jumping on the cottagecore band-wagon of cute, pseudo-Victorian home furnishings. But, let’s be real. That was just too much work, and as the pandemic dragged on, and we stayed in our apartments for 14 solid months, we realized the joy of cluttercore — and now, so has social media.

Cluttercore is not hard to define. It is organized chaos in a small space but with a personal flair. Many of the social media images posted online feature…

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